Budding artist

Listee Martin, sometimes referred to as “Listee Loo Boop” by her family, talks about her experience of leaving her childhood home and her discovery of the artistic world.

This young artist has leaped into success over the past year with her animated drawings based around her school and home life. Sometimes known as Manga, and typically associated with Japanese culture, Listee has managed – with the acknowledgement of her peers and teachers – to learn this art form precisely and with an eye for detail.

Any one to witness her creations are sure to be impressed and I believe that it is nice to see a British child taking such an interest in things from another culture. It is so easy for young children to be pulled into the allure of video games and rock music these days, and so I find Listee refreshing.

She is quite a day dreamer, as you might imagine a gamer to be, but there is a slight difference in her stare – she is using her own imagination, not somebody else’s.

I personally believe that plenty of adults are quite dull by the time they have been through the ordeal of childhood and puberty, so I was thrilled to write this as a way to appreciate a gift that would be a blessing to an individual of any age group.

Listee just so happens to be eleven years old, and she says that she discovered the art form through her mothers partner, Amin.

Listee has always been an avid drawer, but when Amin saw how accurate her portrayals of her favourite cartoons were, he instantly introduced the twins to a popular manga show – named “07 GHOSTS”. Her twin sisters name is Logan, who also shares her fixation with anime.

After watching a few episodes, the twins continued to research the fascinating, but what they considered brilliant, TV shows and have watched countless since – such as “CLASH OF THE TITANS” and “MAXIMUM RIDE”.

Then, just like that, Listee started to doodle the manga at her computer desk and the rest is history!
She also received help from her older sister, who had taken an art class on manga once, and knew how to draw the tricky, statement eyes that fans of the art adore so much.

All three girls would draw Disney replicas in manga each night, and now they could easily go into a profession with their new skills.

Their mother is very proud, but also a little concerned about copyright issues – as all of the creative people in their family have had issues with plagiarism before.

Now let’s go onto the second half of her story – moving home.

Listee and her family have had quite a stressful year, having moved cities three times in the space of a few months…stressful for even the most tolerant person, but luckily, the girls had their artistic passions to keep them occupied and happy.

Listee says that she was excited to move from her childhood town, Coventry, at first…but that she changed her opinion as soon as her family left. Her sister and mother kept arguing and she had left her first ever drawings at her old house!

As well as the artistic losses, Listee also claims that she left a big box of toys at the house – which include her favourite dolls and drawing equipment.

“The worst thing about moving house was the label of ‘homeless’ we were given, and the fact that I had to leave my dog Diggy behind. I really miss him…and it would be a dream to have a new puppy once my family have settled again.”

It is quite sad that a young child has to endure the stereotypes and labels that come with being on the benefit system, but homeless should not be one of them.

A child should not have to stress over such a thing – the social service has an obligation to every child to put a roof over their head but, due to the process it takes to re house a family on benefits, these girls have to feel as low as the alcoholics lying outside on the pavement.

Drawing isn’t Listee’s only interest. She also likes to play games on Facebook and make story boards, even implying that she would like to pursue a career in manga novels in the future.

During this interview, she seems content. She is a classic beauty, and has been staying at her current establishment for a few weeks. The young visionary seems to be enjoying the access she has to her favourite online games and her new colouring equipment.

She also says, while twirling around on her chair, that she loves the beach and that fact that her new town isn’t too busy – but that she doesn’t like not knowing her way around the town.

There seem to be both positives and negatives to the changes in this young girls life over the past year, though moving house and creating art seem to be the best results – and before I let her go back and play with her sister, she adds

“I didn’t like moving that much, but I still would when I’m an adult. My sisters friend, New, told me about the nice beaches and big houses in Australia, so maybe I will move there with my new dog and draw story boards for manga books.”

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