I guess you could say that I have been a struggling writer for about three to four years and, as I started to read books on freelance journalism and novel writing, I realized that many writers have their passions for literature sucked out of them by the literary publishing process…

I am sure that some of you will not be able to relate, but, I have always been the type of creative who needs to jump straight into a project before I lose the inspiration for it. I struggle with keeping myself focused and half of the time, wish that I could hire someone else to finish the work!

So this page will be me writing any articles I want, on any subject I want, and as controversial or predictable as I want.

I don’t want to write in the way a magazine needs me to write. I don’t want to manipulate you by appealing to you – by lying to you, as an audience. I don’t want to provide you with bullshit weight-loss, make – up and money making tips. Fuck, money doesn’t mean shit here – as long as I can survive, I will always write. 

Thanks for listening – stay and join in the debates and, I am sure, arguments…

It will be fun. 

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