Student loans = student hindered?

I am currently going through the process of applying for university and I find myself quite disappointed that the ‘smartest people in the country’ could not come up with something simpler….

I know that I am not the only student to feel this way and, on top of losing £30,000, I don’t feel that a college graduate needs to attend university any more…

The internet is packed with documentaries and articles about any subject you want! All you need is some initiative, the passion to learn a certain subject, and the motivation to get your self down to the library a few days a week.

Don’t you agree?

I feel that the three years I spent at college have been wasted and that there is too much emphasis put onto a diploma or degree these days…some of the most smartest and creative people I know have been self taught, or failed mathematics, or became tired of the pace and boredom that too often comes with the classroom environment…

Yes, as a criticism of my views, I am aware that some subjects defiantly require an official education – such as a doctors degree, a mechanics diploma…BUT!

Do we really need to waste four of our prime years to learn how to write? Or how to dance for a music video? Or to edit film negatives?

The answer is no. And if you ever study psychology, you will know that most people continue in mainstream education because they are the opposite of what most businesses want – conformists who rarely think outside of the box or are too scared to, they might also lack ability to think and be original, and…after four years, they don’t stand out.

They have become so practised and use to the formal ways of doing things….that someone with an A as oppose to a B gets the job and they shrug their shoulders like it’s nothing?

This is four years of hard work – how can you be so nonchalant? Run into that office and demand an explanation. 

If I were to eventually own a publishing company or a bank, and an interviewee threw a cup of coffee over me and lectured me on their hard work, I would most likely hire them…or at least, remember them for a long time.

“Oh, hey Stevie. Aren’t you the girl who threw coffee over the owner of the fifth building?…”

Email everyone in the building with videos or articles of your work…do not take no for an answer. You are more than your grades.

Here’s an example…

A millionaire business man from London, what’s his name? Sir Alan Sugar – well, I once heard that he failed school and college, but went to London with £100 and the determination to succeed. This just goes to show that you can break out of the mould that you were born into.

There are about seven billion people in the world – maybe 30/40% of them adults?

Just try and stop being a replica of the past – no ones who’s remembered is a clone.

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