I have the transgender interview in two days…


If you could answer me one question on the subject, it would be: 

What do you think of when someone mentions the term ‘transgender’? 

My answer:

I am always reminded of Laverne Cox and the TV show Orange is the new black.

I think that she is doing something very positive for the LGBTQ community – because she plays a character who has to leave her old family in order to feel like herself. This is not exactly the easiest of T.G stories. For this reason, I respect her and the writers for showing the public the emotional and tangible sacrifices that some T.G people have to make.

What else? Well…

I am also reminded of my old best friend, who went through the transition last year, and who looks at me with murderous eyes when I call her by her old name. “It’s Denise, not Drew.”

I say old because, well, I think we drifted apart since she changed. I don’t blame her or hold her responsible, but I do think that she wanted any reminder of her past gender to be out of her life. Which is something I find extremely disappointing, as I consider myself an open – minded individual who would be very sensitive to the way she feels.


Two issues I plan on addressing in this up and coming article are; the fact that the existence of transgender individuals affects your friendships and relationships with family members…and I also plan on finding out if any transgender individuals feel as if they are having their rights breached by society…in a similar way that homosexual people were once scrutinized. 

If you feel like answering my question at the top, then please comment and I might even put your views into the final piece. 

Signed, the truth about journalism. 

One thought on “I have the transgender interview in two days…

  1. Thanks – I think I rectified most of the mistakes?
    This was just a draft, I didn’t mean to post it like this but I ran out of time so I had to save it somewhere.
    Thanks for the input as well – I appreciate criticism as much as I do appreciation. Do you feel like answering the questions on the post?
    E.g…do you feel like there is still a breach of your rights due to it? Whether it be in society or in your personal life?
    And what do you think of when the word is mentioned…does it have negative connotations? Please let me know x
    As for the finished article, I’m still working on it – in between moving house and applying for university.


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