Growing up on benefits

I was inspired to write this after I saw the release of a book called ‘The Entitlement’ on Channel 4 news. The author of the book says that he wants to change peoples views about those claiming benefits, as well as illegal and legal immigrants.

He states, in this interview, that the amount of money lost through the employment of MP’s and tax evasion by big businesses (who fit into his perception of ‘the entitlement’) is way more than the amount of money our economy loses through immigration and benefit claimants.

This hit a personal spot with me, as I grew up in a family where we were verbally, physically and medically abused or neglected due to something that I could not control. 

As a child, I was bullied by students and teachers a like…as well as denied medication when I later signed on to incoming support at college. 

It enrages me, as it’s the governments decision to give us benefits – so if you have a problem, speak to them – please don’t take it out on an innocent child. 

What do these middle-class and higher-class families want us to do? Starve? 

Feel free to comment if you like – all I know is that I am defiantly going to read this book, and will always try to avoid money becoming a prominent aspect of my lifestyle. 




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