YES or NO?

So, we all know the question at hand – will the scotts choose to be independent or not?

Many journalists have been covering this debate over the past few weeks, though I found some of them to be quite bias – so I’m going to tell you what I think.

I would vote yes, if I were a scott.

Why? I hear you say…well.


Europe does not struggle with the divides between countries, and all of them consider themselves a part of europe – regardless of the borders and differences in power. And they would still have each others back if the entire place was threatened.

As well as this, I think the scotts deserve to control the way of life for the next few generations…as I am in no way Scottish, just English – have never been to Scotland and never plan to and….well, the accents and views of Scotts – in my opinion – are very different to the English.

And no, I DO NOT believe we will lose respect as a country by getting smaller – in fact, I think we will be rewarded…because we are small and, theoretically, less capable than our larger competitors, but yet we are still recognised as a wealthy, fair and strong place.

Give the Scotts their land, I say…and if the worst comes to the worse, the man in power or the people can call for another vote…

Ireland manage OK on their own, as do Japan and other tiny places. The fact that it’s attached to England has nothing to do with the levels of success it will have…neither does it’s size.


Finally, as a conspiracy believer and a cynic, I can’t quite believe that this decision is being made without a big potential payout for either the Scottish government or the British one…perhaps there will be charges to enter Scotland from now one and that is how they’ll make money, or maybe the Scotts will drop university fees…encouraging the British youth to leave their own country?

It’s defiantly safe to say that, since the dawn of time, power – happy men have been determined to claim land and wealth as their own…over the happiness of others. Let’s hope this is not one of these situations.


Signed, the truth about journalism.

Feel free to comment – let me know how you would vote and why.



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