A review of Christine Hall.

So I just read “How to build a career as a freelance journalist” and was pleasantly surprised by the useful advice, especially in regards to the word count and style for a successful article.
If you are an amateur writer looking for a place to start, I suggest you get onto Amazon or down the library to borrow this book.

I picked up a few books from the library on the day I got this one, hesitantly, because I plan on studying journalism at university in a few weeks…and now, due to this guide, feel that I will be able to work confidently my degree. All I wanted from the guide was a vague idea of how to get onto my course and survive, but it also helped me realize what an irritating writer I had been previously.
Yes – as much as I would like to criticize her, her advice has done wonders. I have no idea if I would have gotten through my University entry exam without practicing her style.

Thank you Christine, for being straight about how to approach editors. And write cover letters.

And earn the amount I have in mind.

Misses Hall has written many ‘How to’ books… none of which I have explored, though I am sure that she can manage this easy to understand, informative and honest style in other advice books.

Some examples of her work are; advise on the way to write business reports, or if you want to migrate, “How to get a job in Germany/How to live and work in China”.

Maybe one day I will be reading a review from a first time writer about a book I have written, like “How to be a recluse”, “How to earn next to no money and have all the talent in the world” or “How to write a world famous script”.

Goodnight, the truth about journalism.

If you know any useful journalism books, put the link below!

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