Holiday in Southend – on – Sea

I think it’s safe to say that Southend – on – Sea has a positive reputation as a place to take a break. With its large, coastal beach and quaint ice cream and coffee stalls, all types of people choose to holiday here.

Over the next few paragraphs, I will explore my two-week experience at this resort and try to advise you on how to make the most of your stay there.

When I arrived, it was late August and, unusually for this time of year, the sun was beaming! Out of ten, I would rate my stay at a seven on the enjoyment scale…which is a good result for my average, working – class budget.

Two must DO’S in Southend are; visit the vast beach and, secondly, stay at a B ‘n’ B or Hotel on the coast…these may seem obvious, but a lot of tourists were very distracted by the inner city places to stay and, well, they weren’t able to travel to the beach everyday because of it.

And don’t be under the illusion that it’s cheaper to stay inner city – you can get a decent, coastal room for a good price…I paid £60 a night and got an amazing cooked breakfast the day after.

Which brings me to another positive about Southend…that it’s not as busy as you would expect. I shopped around a few places to stay, and none of them were full! (Though I would pre – book if you’re going at a prime time of year)

Regardless as to whether you live a very stressful life, or are going through a rough time, or don’t make much money…you WILL FIND a decent place to stay and you WILL FIND it for a good price. Then, hopefully, you could lose yourself in the rugged, picturesque views of the sea.

Now I’m led to the second half of this personal piece…as, not everyone my age (nineteen) is prepared to travel for a slow, calm holiday…we want to party, right?

The night life is plentiful and cheap, but should be avoided if you don’t like hanging in student bars or clubs…most students go to these places, and not all of them are well-mannered or quiet….they party big! But the good news is that, if you’re nice, you might get pulled along with a group and end up making some friends!

I did, and we shared cab fares and stories about how we ended up in the same place…the locals are usually quite trustworthy and welcoming.

The FINAL positive about Southend is that the beach isn’t underdeveloped!

I have been to the beach in Wales and Skegness, but – most of the time – these were pebbly and littered with alcohol bottles and cigarette buds. But not Southend! The sand is lovely to walk on, sun bathe on and great for the kids to make sand castles.

One of the worst things about my stay was probably the train fare from London…they know what a valuable stay at Southend is, so they don’t charge cheap! Remember to book in advance, be on time and bring some spare cash for your journey there and back – we don’t want to end up stranded now, do we?

P.S – For those looking for a slow, peaceful holiday – the South also has some brilliant art galleries to explore…and if you have children, you can pay for a wrist band at the fare and have a few hours to yourself.

Signed, the truth about journalism.

If you have anything to add or ask, feel free to comment below.

One thought on “Holiday in Southend – on – Sea

  1. My time in England was spent in a village called Shoreham-by-Sea in West Sussex. The pebbled beach is beautiful and uncluttered, without many people most of the time. There are a couple of very nice and reasonably priced B&B’s in nearby Lancing. And if you want nightlife, Brighton is not far away, but is *definitely* big and rowdy. I wish I could have visited Scotland. 😦


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