You can cheat University!

When I arrive for my entry exam, the teacher leads me into an empty class room. He tells me that the exam with be for two hours, and that the lecturers will allow me onto the course if I achieve above fifty percent.

So I smile, and put my pen down before the sweat manages to trickle down it, giving me away.

He walks out – his plain, blue pants and receding hair-line a sign of a life disciplined, predictable and intelligent.


I have been left with my bag, and my jacket, and a room with at least two computers inside it…yes, the computers are most likely off-limits but – if I were a part of the twenty-first century and had a smart phone, I would be able to google these answers!

“How to set out an article…”

“Who is Barak Obama’s vice president?” (Joe Biden – I know, who knew that such a guy exists? I wonder if the queen has a queen that we don’t know about?)

So, after much amusement at the simplicity of their error, I have concluded that the lecturers deem us all too morally correct and intellect – proud to cheat an exam.


The Truth About Journalism…anything like this happen at your University/ College?

Let me know below!


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