The next Spielberg

Ever wondered what it’s like to study a film degree? 

Ever wanted to study a film degree or make the next best thing?

Maybe this article can provide you with some useful information, as I speak to film student Michael Flynn and get his perspective on the industry.

To start off with, let me say what a charming character he is. I know this guy personally and, without sounding cheesy or bias, he is a reliable friend. Michael doesn’t know yet, but I put his attentive and understanding nature down to the challenges he faced during puberty.

These challenges, along with a long love of film, are the vices that drove him onto the road of success. When I ask him his favorite movie, I am surprised by his obvious response – the dark knight.

Hilariously, during the screening, he told a blind date to ‘hush’ and completely blanked her the whole way through…(Let’s remember not to watch or buy any Nolan when we’re trying to romance someone, girls.)

This was a pivotal moment in his life, as this seems to be when he decided to do something about his movie passions. He says that he has been fixated on movies since childhood, but never took it as a sign until this moment.

I have seen the Dark Knight, and it is amazing, but I was not as impressed as Michael…is this because it’s more likely to appeal to a male audience, or is it because I am not destined to be a movie director?

He goes on to say that he admires the effort put into movies, and believes that people don’t appreciate the effort it takes to make one.

It can take up to a year, he says, even longer, and – along with editing and man effort – it seems there does have to be something other than money driving you to work in a crew.

You have to admire his complimentary and honest nature, as he goes on to state that – even if only one person watched his movies, and it affected them – he would be satisfied. He does not seem to be searching for fame or fortune in his work, but – of course – a few million from a box office hit would always be nice.

Secondly, he says he is impressed with the facilities and subject matter at the Staffordshire course. One of his favorite things is the freedom he gets to film whatever he chooses, as well as the chance to use high – tech equipment.

Finally, if he could offer any advice to a future film student – it would be; passion. He says that his lecturers favored his passion for film over his ability to know advanced information, and that he believes women haven’t been given the opportunity to do well in it until recently because it was previously male dominated.

Signed, the truth about journalism.

Comment below if you have any more questions or would like to add something.

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